CAFEDU café and a non-stop studyroom

About us

Cafedu (Cafe + Education) combines two areas. The first one is a non-stop studyroom with a quiet and duscussion zone and the second one is a pleasant and cozy cafe. Cafedu is located on two floors connected by a spiral staircase and therefore offers you almost 500m2 of space. Come and get inspiration to create patience and motivation, or stop by to try our gourmet coffee and sweets or something delicious to eat.

The concept of Cafedu

The concept of Cafedu is simple – we offer you two enjoyable areas – a cafe and a studyroom – in both of them is a professional and fast Wi-Fi network and many electrical outlets, so you could find a workplace without any interruption or complication. Each area offers a slightly different vibe - workspace or relaxation place.

Are you looking for a studyroom or a workplace that is open all night? In our non-stop studyroom you will find a quiet and a discussion zone. If you want to work with your colleges or classmates, please use the discussion zone or our café, where you can freely talk about all your ideas. If you want to concentrate fully on your work or study and not be disturbed, use the quiet zone in our studyroom. All tables are spacious and equipped with electrical outlets. There is also a printer, where you can print, copy and scan all of your materials. The studyroom has non-stop access and therefore registration is needed – in order to maintain security. After registration, we will activate your membership for the selected period of time. You will have access to the studyroom via your ISIC card, Lítačka, our card or any other chip card.

You can bring coffee or anything else from our café to the studyroom. We just ask you to be respectful of other guests and the equipment in the studyroom.

In Cafedu café we will welcome you with the fresh scent of coffee from Dos Mundos roastery, cakes, soups, baguettes and much more. You can meet here with your friends, acquaintances, business partners or colleagues. We will offer you spacious tables (with electrical outlets) and we will not disturb you. If you would like to buy something, just come to the bar and order what your heart wishes for. There is also a printer and professional Wi-Fi network that you can use. If your work takes longer than expected, after the closing time of the café you can move to the non-stop studyroom where you can stay as long as you will need. But Cafedu is not only for working or studying – you can order a glass of wine and debate about anything you want – even about the immortality of a cockroach!:)


Place for relaxation

Come and enjoy a great coffee and tea or another drink from our selection with a croissant, delicious cake, sandwich or our vegan delicacies. Take a seat in a comfortable chair, open your favorite book or borrow one from our bookshelves.

CAFEDU studyroom

Place for inspiration

Do you have to work on a project, study for an exam, write an essay or finish a task from work? Do you usually study at night and are you looking for a non-stop studyroom or coworking? In our non-stop studyroom you will find enough space for your laptop, book or notebook. You can connect to our professional Wi-Fi network, charge your devices, print material needed for your work and with all of that you can enjoy our delicious cappuccino.