Nonstop Studyroom

Do you need to study at night or finish a project before tomorrow’s deadline? Come to our nonstop Cafedu Studyroom, a place where you can work and study day and night. In order to ensure your safety, we require all the studyroom users to be registered with us. Once your registration is done, you can use this space whenever you want.

And what about the prices? We have a really devine offer for you:

  • Entrance for 6 months: 399 kč
  • Entrance for 3 months: 299 kč
  • Entrance for 1 month: 140 kč

Unfortunately, we can only extent this kind of support to students; so for non-students, the fee is a wee bit larger – 499kč for a month, 1089kč for 3 months, and half a year is for 1728kč.

Who’s a student, you may ask :) – anyone with a valid ISIC card under the age of 26, or with a confirmation of study. If you’re above 26, you’re still a student if your programme is full time.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Cafedu!

 … See the sunrise above Vinohrady!