Cafedu is a quiet day-and-night study room (opened 24/7) together with a cosy coffee bar. Yes, we are opened nonstop!
Let us rev you up!


A coffee shop is not just a sum of all the walls, a couple of tables and a few chairs. But their harmony which creates a space where relationships emerge, dreams are lived and plans are formulated. A coffee shop is a combination of smiles, glances, and gestures – these create new perspectives and build strong friendships.
Our coffee shop will add one more dimension. Somebody could call it a study-room, but we believe it is a space where motivation springs up and inspiration is born. We want to create silence and a calm harbor where students study on their own and from each other as well. A nest where young people become an inspiration for one another, where they fall in love with what they are doing. This is how great people are formed – from fervor.

What do we want?
Cafedu wants to provide a calm space, where people can work and cooperate on their projects. We want to recharge everybody who is tired from working on their own from their homes or from their offices. We will rev up those who need to be encouraged by the energy with which other people work. We want to tell you – you are not alone in this! You will learn a lot from books, sometimes even more from your teachers/bosses, but you will learn the most from each other.