Comments about the internet

Dear nerds,

we decided to post our reply to a customer who was concerned with bad internet connectivity – so that you know what’s going on and what’s planned ahead:

Dear XXX,
we’re trying to fight the internet connectivity problem since November – so far we tried three different approached and every one of them seems to be insufficient. The problem is that people tend to download/upload huge quantities of data at one time (downloading movies etc that are obviously not necessary for studying) and thus slowing down the speed for everybody else. We are forced to look for professional solutions (that normal companies have for their employees) which are, however, very expensive – we would need 120 new monthly registrations every month just to cover that. However, we know that internet connectivity is extremely important nowadays, so we’re willing to do this. We hope that students will appreciate this effort and will try to support us at least via purchasing coffee/food at our coffeebar as opposed to bringing it in from somewhere else. We have already gathered offers from different providers so we hope it will be very soon.
Your Cafedu